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Client Testimonials

Just got back from a twelve day field trip at a really hot and dry canyon! Wore The Mgarzon long sleeve yellow and withe shirts everyday and felt fresh at all time, came back with no sun burns and ready to get more shirts on different colors!

Daniela Reyes

These pants are terrific – they are totally comfortable even in the brutal Florida sun and heat – I bought them for the sun protection (I have a history of melanoma on my leg) and for the ball pocket. That pocket is perfect – the ball stays in and you don’t even feel it. I started out buying one pair and now have five. I wear them everywhere and get compliments all the time. By the way, THE most common place for women to get melanoma is on the legs – so cover them up ladies!!!!!

Tracy Vybrock

I am the Tennis Director of a facility in Colorado. I have been teaching tennis for long time and my skin is exposed to the sun all the time. I am always looking for clothings that can protect my skin from the sun and at the same time being able to feel confortable in them. I must say I really like the MGarzon tops and pants. I love the long sleeves and they are so confortable and light. Teaching in Colorado and sunny Florida I need clothes that feel light on my skin and MGarzon’s top do. MGarzon clothing is great if you want to be protected from the sun…they feel light, easy to wash and dry. Also the color selection that the company offers is great! I am recomending my students to try Mgarzon collection, once you try one of the tops or pants you will not buy anything else. Thank you for providing such a high quality clothing.

Cristina Sirianni

Even though i grew up in Costa Rica and am used to harsh sun, i could not survive playing so much tennis in south florida without my marta garzon shirts, hats and shorts. Not only are they stylish and extremely comfortable, but the fabric integrated sun block is the best i have ever seen. i can play all day in the middle of summer, and never worry about damage from the sun…and, because of their unique cut, they actually keep me cooler, too. i am constantly being stopped by people at the club and on the court who ask me, “where did you get those cool clothes?” i share my secret with them…”go to or and shop for the MG logo!” You’ll never find me outside without my MG logo on!

Armando Orozco

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